We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Profit

A new website launches today called IBeatYou.  NewTeeVee has a pretty solid overview of the site, which is basically a video site that encourages any and all sorts of competitions.

Normally, I would look at something like this and ask, “how do they hope to make money on something like this?”  In this case, though, it turns out I needn’t have bothered:

“Davis admits he’s not really in this for the money; his day job pays pretty well (I’m not kidding; he makes $16 million per year).

“It’s a way to not have that media influence, so I can really dictate to people who I am, the lighter side of my personality,” Davis said in a phone interview. I coincidentally happened to attending a Warriors home game the next night (full disclosure, I’m a fan) so I was able to catch him afterwards for a video interview, embedded above. “This is the one place where I can just be Baron Davis or Boom Dizzle (his nickname and screenname). The fans are moreso like friends in the competition.”

Finally, a celebrity-driven website that understands its place in the world.


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One response to “We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Profit

  1. jumpmansf

    i signed up on this site when it was in alpha out of curiosity and got addicted. If you’re a competitive person this is a good outlet for it. It’s more than just a video site, you can compete in anything and you can compete with the baron and alba. Try it for a day and tell me what you think then!!

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