Even Ashley Dupre Only Gets 15 Seconds

Well, if there is one thing that Ashley Durpe’s fame has shared with other internet sensations, it seems that being short-lived is it.

According to AdAge (via SAI):

“Scandalites before her have certainly leveraged their notoriety into Jenny Craig endorsement deals; their own reality series; handbag lines; jeans commercials; guest turns on shows from “The View” to “Judge Judy”; and, in the case of Paris Hilton, renown for nothing other than being famous.

But extending Ms. Dupré’s moment into a real run in the spotlight is getting tougher with every passing day. Even the $1 million payout offered by Hustler could evaporate if “Girls Gone Wild” and others keep turning up pre-existing nude images of Ms. Dupré.”

Sure, it doesn’t help her that she was already pretty, well, exposed, prior to her fame-blip and it also doesn’t seem as though she has let anyone step in and try to maximize her returns. At the same time I think there will be some non-web related opportunities out there including book deals and the like.

If she actually avoids getting herself tied to a bunch of sleezy projects right off the bat she might even be able to emerge from this with some sort of legit singing/acting career – that is if she has any talent to back up her notoriety.  Stranger things have definitely happened in Hollywood.


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