Obama Leads the Way in Web Spending, Too

Not only has Obama led the way this season when it comes to online fundraising, his campaign is starting to return the favor (via SAI):

“The Obama campaign dumped $1 million into advertising on Google (GOOG) in February, more than six times the campaign’s entire online ad spend for January, according to Federal Election Commission filiings reviewed by MediaPost.

In the past we’ve noted the campaigns raise a lot of money online, but spend almost all of it on traditional media. But February’s report is the first sign we’ve seen that any of the candidates is serious about Web ads.”

It’s cool to see some of the money raised online being spent there as well.  The big question will be seeing what forms of advertising the campaigns pursue.  Will it be banner ads and AdWords kinda stuff?  How controlled will the distribution be?  Will I be seeing Hilary-sponsored ads on torrent sites?

In many ways, the online fundraising is, in itself, a form of online marketing and the use of social networking has clearly had a huge influence on this year’s race.  The campaigns would be smart to build on what has been working for them and not just try to plaster the web with their bumper stickers.

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