LOLCats Coming to a Soda Near You

In the pretty great little blog, Geek Gestalt comes news (via that the quirky Jones Soda Company is teaming up with LOLCats:

“LOLcats, of course, are the whimsical combinations of silly pidgin English phrases and funny pictures of cats or other animals. And is the lion in the LOLcat kingdom. And I even think Jones soda can be pretty good.

The two outfits are teaming to find the highest vote-getting LOLcats in a special contest, the top five of which will adorn special bottles of the soda.”

LOLCats are the kind of thing that seems to be emblematic of the independent and weird nature of what takes off online.  It will be interesting to see if what is really just and internet meme can be used to support a real-world product.

If you have know idea what the hell an LOLCat is just head to


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