Mmm… Snack Drama

Since I am just that well read, I happened upon a story in the Sydney Morning Herald all about Australia’s growing interest in “snack dramas.”

“Producers of televised drama know it too and they have decided that the days of hour-long “appointment” TV, where you sit on your couch and do nothing but watch your chosen show, are limited. Hence the rise of “snack drama” – shows broken up into episodes of under four minutes intended to be viewed online or on your mobile phone.

The television industry’s interest in snack drama is fuelled by the arrival of mobile television. General manager for products and services at 3 Mobile Mira Bashi says the demand for mobile entertainment is growing with customers spending an average of eight minutes accessing mobile TV services on the 3 network.”

The most interesting thing about this piece is that it sounds like the driving force is a big growth in mobile video.  The US is woefully behind in our ability to deliver video to mobile devices but once that’s figured out it sounds like it will spur similar growth here.


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