Sci-fi Now – and Not in a Cool Way

There is a report on Engadget (via Reuters) that reminded me of all the cyberpunk and future-fi books I read as a kid:

“the pilotless drones — crafted with good intentions by Honeywell — that are slated to report in to the Miami police department aren’t exactly the same, but they are expected to be used for similar duties. More specifically, they’ll be loosed in order to oversee “urban areas with an eye toward full-fledged employment in crime fighting.”

I also liked this comment from the FAA:

“Citing numerous safety concerns, the FAA — the government agency responsible for regulating civil aviation — has been slow in developing procedures for the use of UAVs by police departments.

“You don’t want one of these coming down on grandma’s windshield when she’s on her way to the grocery store,” said Doug Davis, the FAA’s program manager for unmanned aerial systems.”

This is what one supossedly looks like…


Can you say yikes? I realize these things are only a matter of time but it is still pretty awful to think about wandering a city with these things swooping all over the place watching our every move.   They’ll certainly be out there and probably a lot smaller than this one.

And they’ll tell you it’s all for your safety.  Don’t you want to be safe?


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