Mercedes Mix Tape Leaves Me Confused

So, Mercedes has launched a new online effort called Mercedes-BenzTV that is one-part little featurettes tangentially about the lifestyle surrounding Mercedes and one part new music show with downloadable mp3s.

I understand the little featurettes.  They’re not ground-breaking but they’e nicely made and well presented.  It is the “Mix Tape” that confuses me.

According to WSJ:

“The show is an attempt to reach out to youngsters with interests “beyond cars,” Mercedes-Benz says. By focusing on promoting music rather than its S-Class luxury sedan, the company hopes to draw the “customers of tomorrow” and get them to associate the Mercedes-Benz brand with being hip.”

Is this a terrible goal?  No.  Is their very hard to find and completely redundant music show going to get them there.  Not a chance.  Aside from watching the video on their site (which took me FOREVER to find – try to get there just through a Google search and see how you do) they have at least syndicated to YouTube.

So, how’s it doing with the “hip” kids on YouTube.  Well, episode one went up last month and has so far garnered just under 1300 views and the second episode, posted just yesterday has soared to 11 views.  Yup, 11.

See why for yourself:


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