One More Reason to Like Apple

I should start by saying I am a total Apple/Mac/iPod fan.  I stop short of fanboy because I certainly have my issues with the company from time to time and have had my problems with everything from a constantly overheating iBook to a constantly freezing iPod.

Still, they just rock design and user-interface and have always had about a sense of being “one of the good guys.”  Make has a great example of why:

“Jonathan Zdziarski, the author of O’Reilly’s iPhone Open Application Development, spoke about writing applications for the iPhone–both on jailbroken phones and via the official Apple SDK–at the Cambridge, MA Apple Store!”

That’s right, one of the key people responsible for allowing people to jail-break their iPhones and sever ties with AT&T, probably costing Apple a bunch of money, was welcomed into the store and given a podium and a microphone.

That’s how you tell your customers about values.


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