Prom Queen Goes Overseas

Last year, Prom Queen made some noise for itself as one of the more substantial original web series put into the marketplace. It didn’t hurt that Michael Eisner was behind it.  Now comes word (via SAI) that Prom Queen’s not done yet:

“Michael Eisner has been fond of telling interviewers that “Prom Queen,” his made-for-the-Internet video series, hasn’t made much money on the Web. But that doesn’t mean “Prom Queen” can’t make any money: He’s just sold it and its sequel “Prom Queen Summer Heat” into TV syndication in France and Japan for an undisclosed fee.”

I’ve been hearing more and more about sales of web content to the Asian and European markets. They love US entertainment (look at how well our movies and TV shows do) and some of the stuff being done online is actually more appealing since it is a bit more youthful and original.

Now that more people can create broadcast-quality videos for a low price the world market becomes wide open.  Independent producers would be wise to begin exploring these markets, especially if you aren’t doing comedy.  Genre travels much better than funny.


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