TechCrunch SO Wrong on TV Ads

Today on TechCrunch Erick Schonfeld explored what he believes will be the answer to save TV advertising:

“We have a long way to go, but it boils down to two things: 1) replacing 30-second commercials on TV with relevant ad overlays that pop up at exactly the right moment during a show, and 2) automating the buying, creation and placement of TV ads to make it more like buying search ads.”

Maybe because this is coming from TechCrunch or maybe because Erick doesn’t really watch TV but what is being completely overlooked in this piece is the viewer.

Overlay ads suck for the viewer.  Constantly having the flow of your show being interrupted by what amounts to pop-up ads sounds like the thing that would finally get me to turn of my TV for good.  I mean, those little station bugs are bad enough, and when they’re animated it’s downright infuriating.

As for the “clickable” images, why would I want to be clicking on stuff and being directed to other sites while I’m watch TV?  Sure, for the seriously ADD it might solve some problems but for the average viewer this is just another distraction.

I realize that advertisers are going to have to find a way to advertise but I really don’t think constantly covering 1/3 of my screen with associative advertising is going to be the solution.


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