AdAge Goes Fluff for Wayans

There is what can only be called a fluff piece in AdAge about Damon Wayans addition to the comedy website marketplace, WayOut TV

“Today, Mr. Wayans is pushing Madison Avenue’s buttons, recruiting brands to underwrite what he calls “his legacy”: Wayout TV, a multiplatform production company that has been incubating shows for the internet. His venture also aims to serve as a creative haven for up-and-coming writers, directors, producers, actors and musical talent. He started uploading material onto a Wayout TV channel on YouTube in February (he’s negotiating a similar deal with MySpace) and is on the prowl for both artists and advertisers for WayoutTV. This time, though, Mr. Wayans hopes his computer effort does explode.”

Not exactly sure why Wayans is getting such a free ride when  the truth is that the market is saturated with nearly identical sites with carbon-copy business plans.

About the only really valuable element is Wayans’ point that there is not a real hub for “urban” video.  That might be something to consider but I still don’t think Wayans is going to be the one to make it happen.

I’m not particularly slamming Wayans but it seems strange for AdAge to make it sound like what he’s doing is something new in the industry.


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