Bebo Not Sweating It

Sweet, my first pun of the day.  Bebo has announced a partnership between Unilever’s teen deodorant spray Sure Girl and the new web series (or “snack drama”) Sophia’s Diary.  According to Brand Republic:

“Bebo users will be encouraged to send in articles in the theme of “What makes you sweat?” with the chance of winning a cameo role in the drama. Users will also be able to become friends with the brand through a dedicated profile page.”

I love that last phrase, “friends with the brand.”  There is no irony in that sentence. They really think this will happen.  Hell, maybe it will.  Maybe teen girls want to be friends with deodorant sprays.

“Claire Gomm, senior brand manager at Unilever, said: “The partnership with Sofia’s Diary is ideal for Sure Girl as it allows us to engage in a dialogue with the brand’s core teen audience and make an emotional connection with them that can be far deeper and more resonant than via traditional media spend.”

I’m so conflicted.  On the one hand I am glad to see more support on web series by major advertisers but I am completely saddened to see how those integrations are working.  It doesn’t feel like this will benefit the viewer or the show and maybe not even the brand.


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One response to “Bebo Not Sweating It

  1. Agree completely. This, you might think, is the unfortunate result of over-exuberant marketing folks having a ‘tin ear’ for how to interact with the new, new thing. I’m not sure what non-live object I’d ‘friend’ –other than a nice bottle of Sangiovese.

    Perhaps we can be happy that there are all kinds of experimental things happening…some work and some, not so much. Pretty soon ‘new media’ will be old hat! I’ll toast to that…what’s next?

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