GreeneStreet JustIn to Web

Variety (reg. req.)is reporting that indie films production company GreeneStreet films is throwing it’s hat into the web video ring:

“Fisher Stevens and John Penotti’s GreeneStreet Films is amping up its new-media presence with the help of new hire Eric Spiegelman, formerly the head of business and legal affairs for the HBO/AOL comedy site…Spiegelman plans to produce pilots and shop them around to potential ad sponsors.

“The idea is to test the value of the shows really early on,” Spiegelman said.From there, Spiegelman wants to pitch the shows, sponsors intact, to various websites the way one might pitch a cable network.”

Well, aside from the fact that ThisJustIn was a total flop and nearly every other production company (and backyard video collective) has a similar business “plan”, I don’t see why GreeneStreet shouldn’t join the party.  Stay tuned, as they say, to see what they actually make.


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