Mark Cuban Continues to Baffle

He’s at it again.  One of the few people to really cash in on the first internet boom is back on the road telling everyone else they’ve missed the party:

“The Internet is dead. It’s had its time; say goodbye,” said Cuban, who helped launched HDNet in 2001 and remains its chairman. He bolstered his claim by saying the Internet and popular sites such as YouTube can’t provide high-definition programming like cable and can’t offer the interactivity that cable programmers can.”

Look, I think Cuban is a smart guy, but he just isn’t making sense.  What does HD have to do with social networking?  Does Twitter need HD?  And if HD is so important to people why is YouTube, the single worst resolution video site on the planet, still the most successful?  Blip is far better to watch but that doesn’t seem to sway most people.

Is the internet going to be the epicenter for entertaining video?  Maybe not. Maybe that will migrate to my HD TV but I think it is going to be more about the internet going HD than TV/Cable going internet.



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