New York Video 2.0 / SeeToo

So, last night I attended the big monthly NY Video 2.0 meetup, this time at Webster Hall.  It was a great turnout with plenty of networking opportunities.

The presentations were all interesting but, for my money, the coolest thing was a site called SeeToo.

The site allows you to upload a video, send a link to other users and then you can all watch the video simultaneously from your own computers.  You can trade off on control (play, pause, ffw, rw) at the click of a button.

This is just so cool.  If it doesn’t sound cool to you, go to the site and try it with someone else.  You’ll get it right away.

UPDATE: Didn’t realize until I tried it myself that this seems to require a software download and it is not mac-compatible.  Boo!  Though still a cool-as-hell concept.


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