Terrorist Comedy. Too Soon?

Sands of Passion is a new(ish) web series from the combined minds of  National Banana and Crackle and Tilzy likes that it’s trying to tackle stuff you’re not going to find on TV, they’re not convinced it’s a winner:

“Sands of Passion features over-overacting and scene-punctuating close-ups (it never fails to have characters pull funny faces during those lugubrious zoom-ins), but it’s in the sometimes-intertwining plotlines – a wife discovers, with the help of the intrusive Taliban, her husband is gay; an American doctor observes the strange practices of a hospital run more on the principles of religion than science; the son of that suicide bomb-obsessed father falls in love with a girl whose love interests have all killed themselves in the name of Allah – that the show falls flat.”

I watched a couple of episodes myself a few months ago and can’t say I ever found myself wanting to go back and see how things were going.  Even though it was trying to be edgy it failed to be funny.


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