Media – Social, New and Alternative (not to mention Dead Tree)

Steve Rubel over on MicroPursuasion is calling for an end to the use of the term “social” media:

“Folks, it’s time for all of us, especially “The Joes,” to give ourselves the self-respect we deserve by calling all of this work “media.” Otherwise, by continuing to propagate the term “social media” we’re just reserving our seat at the kids table for our little cut up pieces of chicken. it’s time to feast on drumsticks like the adults do. Google doesn’t delineate. So why should we?”

One can easily make the same arguement for “New” media (as my only comic strip points out) or “Alternative” media.

The problem is that all media isn’t the same.  What we really need to do is evolve our vocabulary so that we can become more specific, not more general.  When someone says they work in New Media it just doesn’t mean anything anymore – if it ever did.


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