C-Spot, Crackle and Sony Join Forces for Epic Fail

Well, yesterday I was reading a whole bunch about the launch of Crackle’s lineup of original programming (warning: horrible auto-play) brought to you by Sony Pictures.  Before I had a chance to look for myself, NewTeeVee posted a really excellent review.  Here are just a few choice highlights:

“But let’s start with the name, “The C-Spot.” Oh, I get it. It’s a play on G-spot. You know, because it’s edgy. Yawn. Trust me: It doesn’t get any better from there.”

“…seems like it was created principally as a vehicle for the main character to take his shirt off.”

“It feels like it’s trying to be a mix between The Larry Sanders Show via The Office, and failing miserably to be even a bit of either.”

And a tiny praise…

“The animation is top-notch and the voice acting is excellent. The jokes are a little stale, but the delivery more than makes up for it.”

The NewTeeVee post is probably the easiest way to sample the fair yourself especially since the Crackle site is noisy and full of ads.

That said, it is a pretty uninspiring collection of entertainment.  Speaking from experience, comedy is hard.  It’s not enough to have one funny idea, especially when trying to tackle episodic formats.  I think we are still waiting for the first truly great original internet comedy.



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2 responses to “C-Spot, Crackle and Sony Join Forces for Epic Fail

  1. David – You didn’t like this? I thought it was great stuff. By far the best initial line-up I’ve seen from any new media studio.


  2. mymediamusings

    It might be the first “line up” of any kind, but they all feel like they’re best as one-off skits. Didn’t feel a need to see more of the stories or character.

    Feels super-derivative. It isn’t the worst thing out there, and the production value is nice but I’ll bet none of those shows are remembered in 8 weeks.

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