The Lost Ring Gathers Steam

The press around the Olympics/McDonalds sponsored ARG, The Lost Ring, continues to grow.  The NYT actually has McDonalds on record admitting to their involvement.

“I think finding out that it was McDonald’s was kind of a big shock for everyone,” said Geoff May, a player in Ontario who founded a Web site ( on the game. “Obviously it’s McDonald’s, and not everyone likes them,” he said. “Personally, I don’t mind as long as we don’t get products forced down our throat. If we’re getting McDonald’s meals sold by characters, it’s going to be hard to suspend our disbelief.”

Over on CNet, they poked around and discovered that players are starting to get involved:

“It turns out that up in Kitchener, Ontario, a bunch of players spent some time over the last few days taking part training for the “lost” sport of Olympia, the human labyrinth, McGonigal told me Tuesday morning. Of course, the overarching story line of The Lost Ring is to discover the great lost sport of the Olympics.”

I’m still not ready to go search for the lost ring myself, but I think it is fun to read about and follow.



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2 responses to “The Lost Ring Gathers Steam

  1. Are you into ARGs? I am looking around to find out more. Do you know of a good portal to go to where people congregate or do I just have to look.

    I became fascinated once I read the story of NIN doing one with their tour shirts and flash drives.

    Hope it’s OK that I stopped by. Just searched ARGs and your blog came up.


  2. whatyougetinreturn

    People congregate at You can click on the “News and Rumors” section for the newest games (mostly grassroots) or browse the main forum for some of the larger games. There is also an IRC chat room which you can get too by going to The link is on the very top of the page entitled ‘chat’. Or, if you have an IRC program, like mIRC, you can go to the #unforums room through the (possibly .org) server.

    Hope that helps.

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