DailyMotion a Friend to Indies

While YouTube continues to dominate the online video world in terms of total views and posts other sites are looking for ways to distinguish themselves.

One site, the European transport DailyMotion, is trying the indie films route.

According to Mashable:

“Now the video-sharing site is taking things a step further with the inclusion of full length films in its new section, called Cinema Dailymotion, according to 901am. This is an online screening series for viewers to watch streaming, full-length films and documentaries.”

Of course, they’re certainly not the first site to do this it is nice to see them working to focus on the sort of films viewers might not be able to get anywhere else.  Sure, the big blockbusters will always have a the biggest draw but there are also multiple ways to access those films.

This strikes me as another example of finding large niche markets that can be targeted with premium content.  The value of these markets will depend on their size to some degree but the type of content DailyMotion is pushing would seem to attract the sort of richer demos advertisers love.


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