Twitter Users Keep Tweetin’

PointOH has a good post about his Twittering experiences.

“After weeding out some of the ranters a couple weeks ago, I’m having a much easier time managing Twitter and can stay up-to-date with most of the people I follow pretty easily. While I find the Twitter site fairly useless, except to read the profiles of other Twitterers, software like Twhirl and my new IM client Digsby make it easier for me to follow people and send off a quick tweet without stopping what I’m doing.”

I, too, am enjoying Twitter and have definitely found Twhirl to be just about essential to any real enjoyment of the service.

However, I am not yet convinced that Twitter will become as wide-spread as PointOH believes:

“Although almost universally dismissed when it began to catch on, few can dismiss Twitter as anything less than a phenomenon now.”

See, Twitter users love their Twitter and I am sure it is revolutionizing a few lives.  However, outside of the New Media echo chamber, nearly nobody I speak to have even heard of Twitter, let alone used it, whereas everyone’s parents have a Facebook account by now.

I know that Twitter is a more recent application but the need for pretty constant monitoring makes me think it just won’t be for everyone.


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