Microsoft’s Original Web Video Approach

AdWeek has all the details on Microsoft’s pretty aggressive move into the world of original online episodic video.  They already announced a partnership with a Hollywood producer for shows to be streamed on the XBOX and now this:

“Among the new series to come out of MSN’s Branded Entertainment group are In Need of Repair, a male-aimed home improvement show featuring a pair of sophomoric, mostly inept hosts; and The Men’s Room, an instructional fashion series geared for 20-something men who are averse to reading magazines such as GQ and Details. Also in the works are Seven Secrets About…, a light look at the secrets of pop culture icons such as Justin Timberlake; 50 Greatest, a spoof of the multiple pop-culture list shows common to cable networks; and What on Earth Is Going On?, a channel/series aimed at raising social consciousness.”


“Beyond its core portal, Microsoft presented several concepts for its news sibling, including Tom Brokaw’s Turning Points, an eight-episode show planned for this fall, which will revisit NBC News’ coverage of past presidential elections. In addition, the breaking news-heavy site is adding more regularly scheduled lighter series, including ZeitGeist — a show that will amass clips of the less important news items making headlines (hosted by Willie Geist, a regular on MSNBC’s Morning Joe). Also coming down the pike is The Scoop, a twice weekly celeb-centric series hosted by Courtney Hazlett, who currently pens a similar column for”

This is another clear sign that the web is becoming a very important marketplace for original video programming.  If the audiences follow it only makes sense that the advertisers will come along.  The less expensive nature of these smaller, more focused shows means more opportunities for a range of advertisers looking to reach niche markets.  Plus, not more media buys…


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