NBC Expands Sitcoms Online

News from Variety that NBC plans to create original web content based around some of their existing shows:

“Net announced plans to run original “Heroes,” “Chuck” and “The Office” webisodes beginning in July. Net also announced a “30 Rock” online initiative — dubbed “30 Rock 360” — that mirrors web platforms for “The Office,” “Heroes” and “Lipstick Jungle.”…NBC will also launch a new online production, “Fears, Secrets & Desires,” a user-generated program in which audience members submit stories that will then be produced into actual content. NBC promises that the shorts will be performed “by Hollywood talent normally associated with the big or small screens, not necessarily the computer screen.”

Gotta love that last little jab.  I really wonder how much longer we will make those sorts of distinctions.  When I was a kid we all thought an actor’s career was on the downturn if they moved from film to TV but now it doesn’t have any impact on image.

In truth, we’re already seeing plenty of big names in original web video, whether they’re doing it on their own or for producers.  I’m happy to see NBC expanding their efforts but I don’t think they needed to take a shot at the personalities that have created the marketplace.


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One response to “NBC Expands Sitcoms Online

  1. It will be interesting to see, with their additional “cache”, if places like CBS and NBC will be able to have greater success with online original content than others have had.

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