Did AdWeek Just Wake Up From a Coma?

There is a somewhat amusing post in one of the supposed titans of the advertising trade, AdWeek, in which the author breaks the news that digital media might threaten traditional TV!  No way!

“Who would have believed that consumers would move away from listening to music on home and car stereos and toward personal music devices and computers? The same conventional wisdom about needing television to watch video content could be equally wrong. If you believe that watching TV is inherently social, or something that we are willing to do only in our living rooms instead of on our PCs or mobile phones, watch out! The music analogy proves that old habits can die fast, and consumers will likely embrace multiple screen sizes and formats for watching movies and television.”

It’s not that anything in this article is wrong but making it seem like new information honestly makes me worried for the industry as a whole.

If AdWeek, an industry leader, is just waking up to these issues maybe the industry really and truly is screwed.



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3 responses to “Did AdWeek Just Wake Up From a Coma?

  1. Hey,
    The article is a column by Bob Greenberg, the CEO of R/GA, a pretty well-known digital agency. It’s the shop that helped build Nike+. Poke around the site a bit; I hope you’ll find we’re pretty awake to the changes taking place in media and advertising.


  2. mymediamusings

    Familiar with R/GA and AdWeek (though not terribly impressed with Nike+ aside from it’s pretty).

    Honestly only makes the article that much more surprising. It reads like a very heads-up blog post from 2006.

  3. I can’t speak for Bob, but a challenge sometimes with a general industry publication is the wide gulf of sophistication when it comes to new technologies and social media. There are times when I’ve written stories that, in retrospect, I think are too simplistic. Other times, I’ve done stuff that’s too esoteric.

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