Pitchfork Goes Video

There is a good overview on NewTeeVee of the recently launched Pitchfork TV (warning: autoplay!).  Overall, they seem to be pleased if not impressed:

“Right now, Pitchfork.tv has a very small, intimate feel, which is best because the company would never want to be perceived as big and corporate. But as it has to start paying for all this video bandwidth, it will need to make adjustments (and add advertising) to remain viable. (Will it have to take on Chevy as an advertiser, or does American Apparel make pre-rolls?)”

The majority of the content, as one would expect, is music videos.  Unlike the original Pitchfork site, that trades mainly in very opinionated reviews, this is really just another site that happens to have music videos.  Sure, if you are into the mostly obscure taste that Pitchfork so loves, there is some good exclusive(ish) content, but there is not much else to say for the efforts.

As to how they hope to succeed in this crowded field without any embedding or syndicating (none so far) I guess they are hoping their niche is valuable to advertisers.  It doesn’t feel like a site that will break out beyond it’s natural (small) following.

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