Another Video Curator

The curator topic keeps coming up and for good reason – somebody has to sort through the vast flow of videos posted by the millions to the web each day and tell me which ones I need to watch.

Of course, who picks makes a big difference (or it should) and every viewer has a different set of needs/wants.

So, there is demand and supply and thus, a lot of people who want to link the two for, one imagines, eventual profit.  This might be the tricky part.

The lastest entry into the web video curation game is Modern FeedNewTeeVee had a look:

“Modern Feed basically connects users to an index of some 25,000 videos that have been determined to be high quality by an editorial staff. It’s a lot of TV content with some original online productions sprinkled in. The company has raised “a little less than $3 million” in angel funding and has a staff of 30, about two-thirds of which are tasked with curating content. That seems like overkill to me.”

I’m not sure if that number of curators is overkill considering the potential amount of video that needs attention but it doesn’t strike me as especially valuable in terms of a service if the majority of the content is well-known TV show clips.  That’s the easy part.

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