Oh Noes, They’re ALL Pirates!

According to the GuardianUK:

“More than half of young people copy the songs on their hard drives to friends and even more swap CD copies, according to research that reveals the huge challenge home copying poses to a music industry already battling internet file-sharing.”


“Overall, 95% of the 1,158 people surveyed had engaged in some form of copying, including taking the music contents of a friend’s hard drive – 58% – and the more old-fashioned method of recording from the radio.”

Of course, this is causing the established record industry to call for tougher laws, more policing, bigger fines all in hopes of getting things back to the way they were…which is absolutely bat-shit crazy.  That’s like stirring your cream back out of your coffee.  It just isn’t going to happen.

Recording execs must feel a bit like the Stone-Age workers in this excellent skit from That Mitchell and Webb Look:


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