Adobe Video – Department of Redundancy Department?

Although there is nothing surprising about the release of the Adobe’s video player I’m still not sure why it’s meaningful.

It is basically the same thing as Joost and that hasn’t exactly been a grand prize winner.  Sure, it’s Adobe so they have great market recognition but you still have to offer something really special today if you want to stand out.

Really, what is Adobe Video other than a stepping-stone to the eventuality of it all being, well, TV?  Like cable but with a lot more options.  Nobody cares what the software is that delivers the cable to their DTV and I don’t think the fact that it’s web-based makes a difference.

Were the people crying out for another way to watch video?  If so, they were crying softly.  In truth, people want better content.  How it gets their doesn’t really matter…


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  1. Nice site, Looking forward to more.

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