Flickr Video – Short and Sweet

Flickr, the popular photosharing site, has just added the option to upload video to the site as well.  Wait, you say, isn’t that just YouTube?  Yup.  Only YouTube lets you upload video of any length (with the right authorization) while Fickr sets a limit of 90 seconds.

That might seem sort of crazy at first glance.  Why would someone use a highly limited service when there is a wide-open one right next door.  I think, though, that the 90 second limit is brilliant.  It gives the entire act of posting and sharing video much more casual.  Not only don’t you feel you need to post something significant, the viewer never has to worry that anything will be longer than a minute-and-a-half.  That’s a perfect limit.

Flickr Video’s 90 sec limit is a lot like Twitters 140 character limit.  Limits spur creativity.


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  1. I honestly feel that the video feature is for posting the videos that flickr users would have taken on their still cameras. I frequently want to include that one very funny video of say, a bear encounter, with all of my other similar photos. It will be interesting to see if people take it further than that.

    And yes, I do have a video of my bear encounter, maybe I’ll post it.

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