ViralCom – Funny Promo but…

The next pretty big web series on the launch pad this week is ViralCom, from the early web wonders Joey and David.

Tilzy had a chat with the creators and a mixed (p)review of the trailer.

“The premise is clever, but not altogether novel. Brooklyn-based Black20’s series net_work debuted in early 2007, depicting the company’s insides as a mismanaged business of wacky inefficiencies, odd-couple antics, and the occasional production of a successful viral vid.  But instead of a sometimes surreal office space, J&D take Viralcom to the heart of showbiz: “It exists in a ficticious world where the web is the new Hollywood. We take you behind the scenes at a big ‘Waner Bros.-style’ studio through a cast of characters trying to navigate through this supposed ‘user-generated’ video industry.”

After watching the trailer I had the following thoughts:

“Wow, super-high production value.”

“Hm, didn’t South Park pretty much do this in an episode a week or two ago?”

“Hey wasn’t that, um, that guy from TV”

“Man, this wasn’t cheap to make.”

“Reminds me of the Jay Mohr show Action. It was super-insider LA industry satire.  Remember that show?  No? I fear the same for ViralCom.”



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2 responses to “ViralCom – Funny Promo but…

  1. Ramjuice

    I agree that the concept isn’t necessarily unprecedented – a behind-the-scenes docu-style comedy has been done before – but I think the meat of the episodes lies in the well-crafted comedic commentary. The concept is clever, but the test lies in the delivery…and they deliver. They did a really solid job of crafting a through line, the characters are solid, and I laughed. Laughed real hard.

  2. mymediamusings

    Considering there have only been two episodes and both seem like intros more than actual stories I fear that “Ramjuice” works for the ViralCom guys… Which characters are solid? What’s the throughline?

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