Why I Love the Interwebs, Part 204

Great story over on ArsTech about how the internet and related technologies have the ability to shift the balance of power from time to time:

“The plan had been to celebrate the birth of the author of the Declaration of Independence by congregating, flashmob style, for ten minutes of quiet iPod-fueled dancing, then repair to a pub nearby. Instead, park police brought the party to an abrupt halt, arresting 28-year-old Brooke Oberwetter and leading her away in handcuffs, while chasing the rest of the group off.

By the time she was released five hours later, attendees armed with Blackberries and cell phone cameras had spread news of the incident to several local bloggers. By Sunday, the story had appeared on Fark, and Oberwetter’s friends had set up a Web site and Facebook group on behalf of the “Jefferson One.” And by Monday, video of the dancing and arrest had been posted to YouTube.”

While we are drifting ever closer to (or, some argue have already arrived at) Orwell’s 1984 but the same powers used by government, surveillance and propoganda are amazingly available – for now – to the general public.  Will this result in some sort of balance of power?  Well, a guy can dream.

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