Kluster – A Crowdsourcing Experiment or Valid Business Model?

I continue to be both completely intrigued and a bit unsure about the recently launched site Kluster.  The site is a place for people to post all sorts of questions, problems, challenges or business proposals and to attract others to contribute to the solution for a predetermined compensation.

The site itself is fun to browse and seems to have a fair amount of community involvement.  Now comes word (via Mashable) that Kluster is launching a sort of newsletter…

“The site is a bit of a diversion from the typical online news site which is updated 24×7. Rather, Knewsroom will publish once daily, with users deciding on what stories make the cut. It’s sort of like the morning, dead-tree-paper version of The New York Times that your parent’s get, but online. It’s even broken down into 5 different sections (like Politics, Sports, Entertainment, etc.) with 5 stories in each.”

In addition to everyone voting on which stories will make the cut, users can submit their own stories, which, if used, will earn them $150.

My big question is whether or not this crowdsourcing approach will actually result in a unique newsletter.  There is certainly no limit of places to get your daily news and, in this case, you have to actually wait for it to be delivered – something that most netizens don’t put up with these days.

I’m certainly curious to see what the newsletter looks like but I fear it will just be a rehash of the days news – information I will have already consumed over the course of the day.


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