Brightcove (and others) End “Sell” Option

Yesterday, I had a lovely meeting with a programmer from Veoh.  Among other things she was telling me that they were phasing out the option for users to “sell” downloads of their videos.  She told me that upper management thought that users would be upset by this but, as she suspected, nobody cared at all.

Now comes news (via NewTeeVee) that Brightcove is taking a similar approach:

“On July 31, 2008, we plan to discontinue the Pay Media (Beta) functionality within Brightcove.

The Pay Media functionality allows publishers to rent or sell their content directly to consumers. Since its beta release in January 2007, less than 1% of our customers have tried the feature and an even smaller percentage of our customers use it routinely. Given the minimal adoption of Pay Media and the feedback we have received from the market, we are going to discontinue this beta functionality.”

Looks like most folks have realized that there is less to be gained trying to sell video to the end-user than there is to be gained in exposure giving the video away for free (or a rev share from ads).

Users are just not interested in paying a per-download fee to check out the latest kickintheballs video.


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