NBC Forgets About quarterlife and Looks to SciFi Future

Although NBC failed to generate much beyone blog buzz with their acquisition and brief airing of the webisodic GenX Sudser quarterlife they are gonna give it all another shot (via THR)

“The company has inked a deal with Stan Rogow, Brent Friedman and Jeff Sagansky’s Electric Farm Entertainment for the domestic rights to their upcoming Internet sci-fi series “Gemini Division,” starring Rosario Dawson. NBC Uni also has acquired the rights to Electric Farm’s next scripted online series, the zombie comedy “Woke Up Dead.”…Under the deal with NBC Universal Digital Studio, the 50 three-minute episodes of “Gemini” and “Dead” will run on various company Web sites, including NBC.com…The first several episodes of the series — as many as eight — will get a preview across a number of NBC Uni platforms, including TV networks.”

This approach certainly makes lot more sense that what they did with quarterlife.  In this case, NBC will be controlling and reaping the benefits of the first-run online and using their TV presence to drive people to the webisodes.

Then, if it is successful, they claim they will redevelop and shoot the shows for TV – not just repurpose the original webisodes.

Totally curious to see how this goes.

As a note to all indie web producers out there hoping that they will be next: It totally helps to have Rosario Dawson in  your cast.


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