FunnyOrDie Turns One – Still Not Dead but…

Plenty of folks writing about the 1-year anniversary of the Will Ferrell-backed web video site FunnyOrDie.  After leaping into peoples hearts and minds with The Landlord viral video the numbers for the site have sunk back down to earth.

The latest figures show just over 500,000 total unique viewers for the month of March – down nearly 1 million from it’s high point a year ago.

Considering this blog, which features only my own little writings a few times a day is able to get 5000 uniques a month with no advertsing or publicity to speak of it just doesn’t seem like 500,000 for a site like FunnyOrDie is all that impressive.

It doesn’t help that they have very little truly original content or that their videos often find themselves widely syndicated off-site but I just don’t understand how the site can survive another year at those numbers.


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One response to “FunnyOrDie Turns One – Still Not Dead but…

  1. the landlord bit is pretty funny, i just hope that kid doesn’t remember anything from it

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