Groundlings and Sony Team Up to (not?) Make Money…

The word from Variety is that famed sketch comedy group The Groundlings, have been hired by Sony Pictures to create 50 original web videos.

This is not particularly surprising since The Groundlings are a well-established group of funny people and are capable of producing high quality work.  What is surprising is the claimed motivations:

“Sony is covering the production costs for the webisodes, the first five of which the troupe delivered this week. “We’re only limited by our creativity right now, which is to say not very much,” Fishbach said.

He said the goal is not so much to make money — the Groundlings is non-profit — but to give performers a wider platform for their comedy.”

Ok, I can see how this is a benefit for The Groundlings but how does it make any sense for Sony?  Could they really not be thinking of how to make this profitable or have they figured out how to make it profitable for themselves but not so much for the creators?


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One response to “Groundlings and Sony Team Up to (not?) Make Money…

  1. GroundlingsFan

    Well, if the question is what’s in it for Sony… I would think the affiliate revenue from online advertisers, the charge per view on cell phones, and the part ownership in potential spin-offs should a show develop from the popularity of the shorts are money making opportunities for Sony.

    The 60 seat audience when The Groundlings perform live is great… but the potentially MILLIONS of views will be FANTASTIC for these talents in terms of exposure.

    Could be a win-win situation in the end.

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