A Gaming Site with No Games?

There is some info from NewTeeVee on the latest plans by the FunnyOrDie people:

“Glover kept mum on most details of the new video game site, but did spill a few tidbits. “The video game site will not be a game-playing site,” said Glover. “If we became a game-playing site, that actually limits who we could partner with, who we could align with, and advertisers we could get.”

Let’s review… FunnyOrDie launched just over a year ago to a lot of attention due to the fact that the site was co-founded by Will Ferrell who graciously provided a very funny and very viral video called The Landlord.  However, after the initial surge of viewers the site has been on a constant downward trend, losing close to 1,000,000 unique viewers over the course of a year.

During that time they also launched ShredOrDie and BlueCollarOrDie (yeah, that one really breaks the whole ‘or die’ logic), neither of which could be called wildly successful.

Now they’re launching a gaming site that will not include any games one might play.  The only thing I can imagine is a site for people to post recorded gameplay highlights.  If that doesn’t get you excited nothing will.



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2 responses to “A Gaming Site with No Games?

  1. did Will Ferrell do this landlord skit specifically for online viewing?

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