Another Communal Viewer Hits the Scene

First it was SeeToo, which I saw demoed but never used due to lack of mac-compatibility.  Then there was word about an upcoming NBC group-viewer.

Yesterday I rec’d an email from someone over at Lycos who said, “Lycos has been powering online viewing parties for Disney’s ABC Family Television Group for more than a year, with our proprietary, patent-pending Lycos Cinema Watch/Chat/Interact platform, allowing multiple users to watch synchronously and chat with other friends and fans in real-time”

Now comes Videophlow (complete with absurd web2.0 spelling). According to TechCrunch:

“…Videophlow, which takes the same dynamic community experience and applies it to YouTube. Groups of friends watch the same videos simultaneously as they interact with chat, emoticons, and gestures – viewers can even throw virtual tomatoes at the screen, complete with an animated splat.

All users will see the same portion of a video at the same time, even if they skip to a different scene. And best of all, groups can seamlessly transition to new videos. This has the chance to be a big hit – I can easily imagine groups of friends swapping (and watching) their favorite videos during late night viewing marathons.”

One thing about the web – it isn’t who comes up with the idea but who can deliver it in the most user-friendly package.

Jury is still out on this one.


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