Kraft Wants to Help You Lie and Deceive

Over on AdFreak there is a bit of news about a new effort by Kraft that is supposedly aimed at connecting with the youth:

“For its DiGiorno Pizza for One brand, it had AKQA build an online application called “The Ditcher” that will call or text a pre-set excuse to leave an unfortunate situation, from a bad date to an endless meeting. The messages range from the alarming (your kid is in trouble) to the ridiculous (the monkey escaped). Pretty clever, no?”

I think that is a rhetorical question but I’m going to answer it anyhow – no.  Even AdFreak points out that this is not an original idea but that’s the least of my issues with this campaign.

My biggest criticism is that there is no real connection between the product and the service.  Except  as a way to piggieback ads onto the “excuse” (a move that would make the “service” far less appealing to the user) how does Kraft benefit?

I’m also not that impressed with the idea as an associative message since it puts Kraft in the position of being a liar and helping people deceive others.  I don’t mean to take the high road – i’m all for lying and deceiving – I’m just not sure why Kraft would want to be perceived in that light.


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