Mariah Carrey and the Paps Open Door for Competition

This is pretty silly but it got me thinking.  According to that bastion of reliability, TMZ:

“Mimi’s been unofficially placed on a paparazzi blacklist after breaking unwritten fame game rules at a CD signing event last week. After Mariah showed up two hours late (bad), sprinted down the red carpet (even badder), and wore sunglasses on the red carpet (huge no-no), paparazzi nation decided to unofficially boycott the singer — that means no pictures, no coverage, no love. Surely, she will plummet into obscurity.”

First, I love that the paps think stars owe them a certain level of cooperation – unless they’re just a drug-addled, drunken mess, in which case they can behave any way they please and the paps will be there en masse.

Second, I think this is a fantastic opportunity for all those average Joes and Janes to cash in – go get pictures and video of Mariah!  Do it now!  The paps might not care about her but the American public will not be denied!  With the paps blacklisting Mariah there will be almost no competition and a higher-than-ever demand.

If the paps blacklist a few more stars they might just put themselves completely out of business.


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