The Curious Case of Bee Boy

Have you heard about the video-rich, multi-layered interactive site promoting Honeycombs cereal (without any use of that catchy jingle!)?

Well, I certainly hadn’t until I caught a brief mention of it on AdRants.

Turns out the campaign is about Bernard the Bee Boy, a wild-child raised by bees.  The site is pretty well designed and some of the content is actually funny.

Here’s the curious part: You can’t easily tell anyone how much you like the site while you are there.  There is no link to email links to the videos, let alone any sign of embed code.  There doesn’t seem to be a place for feedback or communication of any kind – and if it’s there it is not featured prominently.

Why put all that hard work into a marketing campaign and then cripple it in that way?

After some digging I actually found a single clip from the campaign on YouTube:


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