Post-Secret Fans Misunderstand Concept of “Original” Idea

There is a lot of buzz around the net about a new online series from NBC called “Fears, Secrets and Desires” that is going to encourage people to share these intimate details with the world.

The majority of the buzz is of the extremely negative kind and it is being driven by fans of the (deservedly) popular website PostSecret.  For the unitiated, PostSecret is a site that people send in annonymous postcards with life secrets and some of cards are posted to the site.  it is a strangely voyeristic yet moving site.

The thing is, some the sites most ardent fans seem to think NBC has “stolen” the idea for their webseries.  As much as I am a fan of the little guy and of PostSecret, I just don’t see it . Keeping and revealing secrets is not something PostSecret invented nor does it sound like the format of the NBC show is anything at all like PostSecret.

The magic of the PostSecret is really the cards themselves – clearly handmade and personal and so human and telling.  Presented with little or no commentary these cards are both works of art and social commentary. Will the NBC site be either of those things?  I doubt it.


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