If Only Judge Wapner Were Alive Today

Ok, Judge Wapner is actually still alive but he’s definitely getting on in years.

The point is that The People’s Court (man, that show has been on forever!) has created a pretty neat little online version of the show called People’s Court Raw.

According to ReelPop:

“The site exhorts pairs of viewers to upload their arguments — my GF should pay for her own birth control, my office mate shouldn’t burp — which are reviewed by the site and, if accepted, published to the site for viewers to judge. Judging is open for a limited time (10, 20, or 30 days, depending on the site’s admins), at the conclusion of which a winner is decided by audience votes.”

I think this is a pretty great idea.  Although not a way to solve serious legal conflicts this could be a great argument settler, assuming both parties agreed to abide by the decision of the random people who decide to vote on their case.

Either way, I think this is a smart way to engage viewers in this chestnut of a brand in a way that feels fresh and takes full advantage of the web.

This will be one to watch.


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