Project Playlist Gettin’ Sued Kinda for Being Google…

According to the NYT a group of music labels are suing the website Project Playlist:

“The website compiles a vast index of songs on the Internet and users can “quickly and easily search the index for recordings by their favorite artists. At the click of a mouse, Project Playlist instantly streams a digital performance of the selected recording to the user, who can listen to it on his or her computer or mobile device,” the lawsuit said.

So, to be clear, they are suing this one particular site because they are doing a really good job pointing people to where music (copywritten or otherwise) is already being stored for public access somewhere on the internet.

Isn’t that basically what Google does?


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One response to “Project Playlist Gettin’ Sued Kinda for Being Google…

  1. Music Like Water

    This case may not make it to court, or at least it may not stay there for long. Most likely it is a strategy by the labels to force PP to add filtering and license the labels music properly.

    This will cost PP a lot of cash to get those licenses, and no doubt a VC will step up with the money, eager to get into the space.

    Sadly this misappropriation of copyright appears to be the dominant strategy for building a popular sit before going legal with the labels. Other sites which attempt to remain legal aren’t having the success or getting the attention from the labels.

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