“Special Delivery” Proves Promotion Matters

SAI has a taken a look at the MySpaceTV series “Special Delivery,” a sort of hidden cam prank show.  They took a look at the view counts for the show on MySpace and YouTube:

“Of the 12 episodes of “Special Delivery” added within the last month on YouTube, only one has more than 1,000 views. Meanwhile, episodes of “Special Delivery” found 254,778 viewers on last week and 155,011 the week before. That’s on par with “Quarterlife”‘s performance on MySpace, and bodes well for MySpace’s next original series, “I Love Chieftown,” —  as long as the financial model doesn’t assume big audiences elsewhere.”

Of course, they also note that MySpace promotes the show on its front page while there is no such love to be found over on YouTube.

This demonstrates a couple of things.  First, that front page promotion is currently the quickest way to drive hits and the people who decide what goes on that front page have more power in the short-form video world right now than practically anyone else.  Obviously, it benefits MySpace to promote the show on their front page but what would YouTube get out of doing the same for the show on their site.

Front page placement on YouTube has been known to drive anywhere from a few hundred thousand to over a million views to a once obscure video but since they have no stake in “Special Delivery” and MySpace is basically a competitor there is no reason for them to offer that kind of free traffice.

The second thing this demonstrates is that even though you might be widely syndicating your videos, if you don’t have a specific promotional plan for the video on every site it lives on you’re just screaming into the wind.


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