Scoble Explains Why He Follows 20,000 on Twitter

Actually, the headline is kind of roundabout.  Scoble is actually talking about “early-adopters” vs. “late-adopters”

“I’ve seen this discussion happen EVERY TIME there’s a new technology. I remember back in 1977 that only nerds could use personal computers. Very few people (not even Steve Jobs or Bill Gates) understood just how big that would become.

I remember the days when email was only used by the nerds who had access to Unix terminals at universities or research labs.

I remember the days when people said “IM would never be used in enterprises.” Today it’s built into Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange. Seriously. They did say that.”

And then he gets to the part about following 20,000 on Twitter:

“This is why I follow 20,000 Twitterers. I want to study what early adopters are doing and thinking. Twitter is the best place — by far — to do that.”

Personally, I can’t imagine following 20,000 people on Twitter.  I follow about 150 people of which only about 20 are what I would call active.  I’m not sure what percentage of Scoble’s Tweeters are regular but even at the same ratio he must be seing a constant stream of commentary.  If he can actually synthesize that information AND still get anything else done in his day he’s a superhero.


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