YouTube Wins Again – Does Any Other Video Site Matter?

There was a post on TechDirt that got me thinking:

“While Hulu surprised many critics with a well-designed site, it appears that Hulu hasn’t been able to generate the type of traffic executives expected. So, despite it being a YouTube competitor, Hulu has tucked its tail between its legs and set up its own channel on YouTube. Apparently, the “build it and they will come” philosophy of NBC Universal’s execs didn’t work quite as well as planned.”

It’s true that Hulu is a nicely designed site that is well organized and easy to use.  The default player is better than YouTube’s, too.  They even have a ton of the top shows on TV that, prior to this moment, were not readily available in their complete form on YouTube.  None of that, it turns out, seems to have mattered.  To generate truly significant views, at least in the US, you’ve gotta be on YouTube.

That makes me wonder if any of the current YouTube “competitors” can actually survive.  Will YouTube become the place we all just go for video in much the way we basically all go to Google for search?


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