Storybids Takes Product Placement to the Indie Producer

The fun to say has a post about the recently launched Storybids:

“Storybids, Inc. is a venture capital funded start up based in Irvine, CA focusing on in-video advertisement via product placement in user generated content as well as professionally scripted webisodes. Storybids offers a new way to monetize video by inserting actual product, services or verbal mentions pre-production before a video goes viral. The videos uploaded via content creators may be uploaded to multiple video hosting sites at once and then tracked via analytics for performance via their dashboard. Advertisers may select video content creators in the marketplace via a search tool that tracks views, comments and ratings across multiple video hosting sites.”

I’ve poked around the site but haven’t taken a deep look just yet (read: don’t feel up to registering for anything at the moment…).  Over the weekend I think I’ll try submitting a project and then I’ll report back with the results.

According to the rather hybolic verbage on the site I’m pretty certain I will be writing that post from the Yacht I buy with the millions of dollars they’re going to help me make.


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