Fueled By Ramen – Label and Marketer

TechDirt has some good follow up to a post in the NYT about indie record label Fueled By Ramen.

“It produced Panic at the Disco’s debut album for just $18,000, allowing it to make its money back even if the album doesn’t sell hundreds of thousands of copies. Finally, it seems to understand that the real money is in using the music as a way to market the band, and to use the band’s popularity to sell scare goods related to the band.”

I believe this is part of a general trend in labels (outside of the fast-dying majors) who realize that they can no longer make their money selling albums but instead must sell a band.  Now that bands don’t need the label’s money as much to make the record they need the support and guidance to keep things going once they get out of the studio.


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