Club Penguin Vs. Words

I found myself laughing a little to myself when I was led to this quote in (via BB) regarding the challenge of keeping out “bad words” from the wildly popular kids MMO Club Penguin.

Says Club Penguin’s co-founder and general manager Lane Merrifield:

“we’re adding 500 to 1000 words every day to the filters, simply because of slang that works its way into the language…And every new pop song that comes out is inevitably going to reference something that was innocent the week before, but isn’t so much now,”

You get the feeling she’s fighting a losing battle?  How many words can you censor before you’ve left the kids with the vocabulary of a Dick and Jane novel – but, of course “Dick” has been censored due to its alternative meaning as penis (can’t have kids talking about penis!) and “Jane” is banned since it has been rumored it is still used as slang for marijuana (at least among the parents of the kids).


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